About Us

Local Search Hub is an online marketing firm committed to enhancing local exposure for business in Lexington, KY. As a modern, innovative business we believe that the time for cookie-cutter marketing services is over. Businesses invariably have to dominate local markets before they expand to new ones and our work helps you do just that.

At Local Search Hub we deliver highly customized online marketing solutions that are designed to drive your local business performance. From local SEO to video marketing, our services are geared towards your specific services, goals and target market.

The idea behind Local Search Hub is to help people in Lexington find your business online. By making this happen we play the role of a resourceful business partner that helps you achieve even the boldest of business goals.

Local Search Hub enjoys the hard work of talented online marketing specialists. Our team has the training, experience and imagination to enhance your brand’s local online presence. We have online marketing specialists for every service we offer. The combined efforts of these professionals results in a holistic local online marketing solution that translates into higher sales, profits and sustainable success for your business. Every Local Search Hub professional knows that our work has to exceed your expectations, which is why it always does.

Focusing online marketing efforts on specific markets is a complicated job, one that is best left to professionals. We have helped numerous Lexington businesses reach get ahead of local competition and boost their bottom line. Working closely with your business to understand your needs and goals, we develop a personalized, comprehensive and effective online marketing campaign.

Who is Behind Local Search Hub Marketing?

Wasfi Samaan

Local Search Hub | Wasfi SamaanMy name is Wasfi Samaan and I run this great company called Local Search Hub Marketing.  I started this company in 2008 after using the same services I sell in my brick and mortar businesses to cut my marketing budget by $135,000 in one year and increase sales by 20%.  After eliminating most traditional media and focusing my results on Internet Marketing I realized that this is the future of marketing and I wanted to share my success with other Local businesses owners.

Wasfi Samaan has authored over 100 articles for a Marketing Magazine that feature topics on Digital Marketing and Social Media. He has done Social Marketing work for Famous Comedian Etta May and the Southern Fried Chicks plus is speaking at the International Bowling Conference in mid June 2014 where President Bush Jr will also be speaking.

Connect with me on Google+ at Wasfi Samaan

Lily Timerlake

Lily TimberlakeLily Timerlake brings over 17 years of Sales and Management Experience.  She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Marketing Degree and began her career in Pharmaceuticals where she excelled and was a top producer for many years. She recently moved back to Lexington after being in Louisville for 15 years. She is excited to be home.

If not working, Lily loves to spend time with her two children, Hannah 9 and Jacob 6.  She enjoys being active in their lives and in their after school activities.  If Lily is not in the gym, she is playing tennis in her free time.  She played on the USTA League in Louisville. She is proud to say they they won State Championship  a couple years ago and came in 3rd in the South East Region.
Lily is the sales manager of the Local Search Hub Marketing. She takes her job serious and that means making sure 110% of her attention is dedicated to her clients needs and wants.  She is passionate about what she does and believes it shows in the end product and having happy clients.
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