What Content Does Your Website Need?

Sep 23 2014

As we enter the final quarters of 2014, it’s time we review how our content marketing efforts have performed. You must already be familiar with the Penguin and Panda algorithms of Google. But if you’re not, here is wha...

Geospatial Social Media Marketing

Aug 23 2014

Geospatial Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard this word many times and thought it meant something about location. It actually does; geospatial analysis is analyzing data that is associated to a specific lo...

How Your Blog Can Become the Talk of the Town

Aug 20 2014

A blog is the staple of every brand’s online identity. Even if you’re a blogger working towards making a personal statement, it’s important to get your name out into the market. Creating a blog takes a lot of time and effort from desi...

Is There a Future for Email Marketing?

Jul 18 2013

Given that engagement stats regarding emails are very low, and an average user only opens 20% of the emails sent to them for marketing different products, things do not look good for email marketing in this regard. In a world where social m...

4 Reasons Why Local SEO is All the Rage

Jul 02 2013

At the time this post is being written, local SEO services are in high demand and small businesses are more interested in targeting customers in their immediate vicinity as compared to targeting those situated far away. The popularity of lo...

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