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What Content Does Your Website Need?

As we enter the final quarters of 2014, it’s time we review how our content marketing efforts have performed. You must already be familiar with the Penguin and Panda algorithms of Google. But if you’re not, here is what you should know:

Penguin – Degrades content on your website that is similar to what other websites already have (plagiarism to be precise).

Panda – Devalues websites and content that does not offer the end user any engaging experience.

We know that there has been a lot of talk about the Penguin and Panda and it just can’t be summarized into two lines. But that’s everything you need to know about the algorithms to make sure you dominate Google and other search engines with powerful and quality content.

Now let’s get to the part where we help you realize what your potential market needs and how you can meet them with content. To make it clear, we won’t discuss articles or blogs here because you already know what to do with them. It’s the other aspects of your content that you need to focus on in 2014 to make your website a high traffic generator.

Whether you are selling a product or service online or offline, or run a website with viral content, you will need a combination of content, including:

Product Descriptions – PDs today are not just about what a product is and what specifications it has. If you have a product or service that deserves more content, then do that. In your PDs, write what you think makes this product exclusive and better than the others.

PPC Ads – PPC ads can help you boost sales more effectively than any other content. For example, if you are selling portable fridges in Lexington, KY, then your social media ads and PPC on Google should leverage on the location. This allows your products and services to be viewed by people in your target market. As a result, you will have more relevant leads that can be easier to convert.

Landing Pages – A landing page is basically a one-page website that converts your PPC traffic into leads and eventually sales. A landing page is where your marketing skills truly come to play. Landing pages should be precise, to the point, and must clearly outline any offers or discounts or coupons that you are providing for your products and services.

Newsletters – Newsletters can be exceptionally useful for websites with viral content or service providers that operate in trending industries and markets. A newsletter is basically an email with all your latest content, offers, and products presented in a stylish layout that helps in retaining traffic. If you think email marketing is dead, then you probably don’t realize the effect that newsletters have on potential consumers. You can also incorporate landing pages with newsletters for more direct marketing.

Sales Letters – Sales letters can either be targeted for potential investors, or potential consumers, depending on what level of the organizational chart your website or business is on. Sales letters have to have a punch in them that inspires, not forces, your potential market to take action. In other words, a sales letter is your key to boost sales without incorporating a sales pitch.

Geospatial Social Media Marketing

Geospatial Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard this word many times and thought it meant something about location. It actually does; geospatial analysis is analyzing data that is associated to a specific location. Many businesses that have social media profiles or blogs now target their audience based on their geospatial location. Today we will cover what geospatial social media marketing means and its importance in helping your SME grow.

Geospatial Marketing

Let us start by giving you an example of a business that offers custom print t-shirts online in Lexington, Kentucky. Let’s call the business PrinTees and consider they have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now there are basically two major aspects in social media marketing; profile marketing and PPC. Profile marketing is fairly simple to understand because you’ll be promoting your brand and products through your profile. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are quite straightforward as well; you pay, you get your ad placed, simple as that.

Profile Marketing

Now for PrinTees to increase its followers and potential market, it has to optimize the content on its profile for SEO purposes. But to boost conversions, PrinTees will have to optimize its content for search engine results from Lexington, KY. That way, PrinTees will rank higher in local search engines and listings when people search for ‘custom print t-shirts Lexington’. This, in essence, is known as geospatial marketing, because you are optimizing your profile for a specific location. That way, PrinTees may not get as many likes or followers or visits, but their conversion rate will definitely increase.


PPC, on the other hand, involves paying an amount for an ad that can be placed based on what specifics you provide. For example, if PrinTees does PPC marketing for Lexington, KY, then their ads will be visible to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users that are in Lexington. This increases brand visibility because every other person on social media in Lexington will at least know about PrinTees and their offerings. This exposure can go a long way in growing a potential market base that is easy to convert into leads.


If PrinTees were to spend aimlessly on social media marketing, they would, have thousands of followers and subscribers across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Their website traffic will increase, but when the traffic realizes that they only offer printed t-shirts in Lexington, it will just steer away. What does that mean for PrinTees? It means that their bounce rate is high.

Usually when the bounce rate is high, marketers tend to optimize their website or content even more. But in the case of PrinTees, it’s not like that. Had PrinTees invested in geospatial social media marketing, then the results would’ve been different.

While they wouldn’t have the same number of followers of subscribers, but the people that did covert into potential market would easily be converted into sales. This way, PrinTees may not be getting unprecedented exposure, but they are growing in sales. That’s what matters at the end of the day and that’s what geospatial marketing delivers.

How Your Blog Can Become the Talk of the Town

A blog is the staple of every brand’s online identity. Even if you’re a blogger working towards making a personal statement, it’s important to get your name out into the market. Creating a blog takes a lot of time and effort from designing the page layout, creating original content and delivering value to readers. The real battle however is reaching out to users and expanding your reach.

Bookmarking Sites

If you want to increase your reach then Bookmarking sites are the place to be. Stumble Upon with its Paid discovery feature is a gat place to begin if you’re looking to increase the number of clicks towards your website. Reddit is another great example of a bookmarking site where you can create subreddits to engage with users. Digg and Delicious are other social sharing catalysts you should have on your list.

Social Media

While this is a given, you need to play to your strengths in a smart way. Reach out to individuals on your personal pages and tweet about your posts at least once every day. If you want to make the most of the SEO benefits, then Google + will have to be focused on.

If your blog is of a more visual nature with lots of project photos or graphics, then Pinterest is an amazing platform to share it on. Instagram can be similarly benefiting.

Create Good Content

This is perhaps the most important factor of them all. Content was crowned king for a reason and not just anyone is given royalty status. When it comes to content marketing, you need to bring out the big guns and deliver unique, fresh snack worthy content that will provide value to your user.

Once you’ve done this, pull up your sleeves and do it the next day, then the next and the next. Your blog isn’t a one hit wonder. You will have to create content of a stellar level repeatedly and reach out to users repeatedly in order to make a dent in the shield of the internet.

Find Other Bloggers

Asking for help and advice from your peers is always a good idea. They will already know how to handle the scenario based on your target market and may even send you a shoot-out in the form of a link. Even if you don’t get the coveted link, you can always ask them for suggestions on your content and what you can do to improve on it.

Joining a blogging community is always a good idea where information flows freely and you can communicate easily. You can even start by guest blogging on other blogs to help get your name out on the internet. This way, readers may just find themselves on your page.


This dreaded monster is not as fearsome as it seems. Remember to share on Google + so you can make the most of the authorship feature, use the keyword tool to help reach out to your target market in a more effective way and use Analytics to see how users are reaching you. Find your strengths and your weaknesses and adjust your strategies accordingly. Remember that Images can be optimized for keywords as well using Alt tags.

Ultimately, its persistence and quality that will help you get through. Make sure to deliver content that is original and engaging and keep delivering it every day. This way your blog will gain the exposure it so rightly deserves.

Lexington Ky email marketing

Is There a Future for Email Marketing?

Given that engagement stats regarding emails are very low, and an average user only opens 20% of the emails sent to them for marketing different products, things do not look good for email marketing in this regard. In a world where social media, local SEO, video marketing, and a variety of other tactics are booming, email marketing seems to be on the decline. However, a large number of marketing specialists seem to be hopeful about the future of email marketing, and discuss the new trends in this sub sector with great enthusiasm. In this bog post, we will discuss the things that are going against and in favor of email marketing.

Factors Against Email Marketing

  1. You only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention through the subject line or you end up being deleted without being read.
  2. Most automated emails do not make it past the filters and end up in the trash can automatically.
  3. People have grown tired of email marketing and only open 20% of the emails sent to them as stated earlier.
  4. People are more careful about giving out their email addresses on random websites and do not subscribe to mailing lists that easily.
  5. Emails talk ‘to’ potential and existing customers and not ‘with’ them. When it comes to email marketing, there is no such thing as a two way communication. Most emails mention contact details and tell the users not to reply to the email as it was auto-generated. In a world where customer engagement is key, this one way communication is hurting email marketing’s cause.

Factors in Favor of Email Marketing

  1. The costs are very low for email marketing and therefore the ROI is high.
  2. The number of people that unsubscribe from mailing lists is very low. This means that once you have a subscription, you can send them daily or weekly emails without the fear of them unsubscribing from your mailing list. The user may not read all your emails, but at least some will catch their attention.
  3. New innovations in email marketing tools are consistently being introduced in the market. This shows that business owners and marketers still believe email marketing to be an effective medium and are still investing in it.
  4. Email marketing has evolved over the years into a medium that can pin point and target highly qualified prospects. In most cases, the emails are sent to subscribers that already purchased the company’s products and/or services, so you know they belong to your target market.

The Future for Email Marketing

On one hand, email marketing is not bringing in a significant amount of business for companies, but on the other hand, the investment required for an email marketing campaign is so low that the ROI is always good. If we consider this factor alone, an email marketing campaign specially for a small business sounds like a great idea. Given that new and improved tools related to email marketing are being introduced, and more and more people consider it a safe investment, it can be concluded that email marketing is not going anywhere for the time being.

What is your opinion on email marketing? Let us know through the comments section and feel free to contact us for more details.

Lexington ky SEO

4 Reasons Why Local SEO is All the Rage

At the time this post is being written, local SEO services are in high demand and small businesses are more interested in targeting customers in their immediate vicinity as compared to targeting those situated far away. The popularity of local SEO among small businesses such as restaurants, retail outlets, and pizza shops etc. can be attributed to a number of factors including:

1. Increase in M-Commerce Activity
With the exponential increase in smart phone and tablet users, e-commerce and m-commerce activity is at an all time high. When people find themselves in a commercial area, they do not ask for directions to the best restaurant or the best outlet, they Google them. If you are locally optimized, your name will pop up before that of your competitor from across the street, and the visitors to the area will come to your shop first.
The number of searches for local businesses is up 58% this year, and the numbers at the end of the year will be much greater. It is a good idea to optimize your business locally, and to get better foot traffic in your brick and mortar store as a result.

2. Increase in SEO Competition
If you own a pizza shop in Lexington, KY and are looking to get your website optimized for the hottest relevant keywords in the US, your time and effort will be wasted. Every day, 1000s of new pizza shop websites go live and they are all competing for the same keywords. However, local SEO provides a better and smarter alternative.
As a business owner in Lexington, KY, you do not need to rank higher for the US or even for the state, unless you have a way to make your products available throughout the country. Local SEO enables you to target a much realistic market where the clients are located close to you and you can physically make your products and/or services available to them.
Through local SEO, you gain highly qualified and convertible smart traffic on your website.

3. Low Costs
Local SEO also makes sense due to its low costs. Let’s face it, small businesses in Lexington, KY, do not have deep pockets. They are on a limited budget and are looking to make conservative and smart investments. Local SEO is an investment that brings more traffic to their websites and more foot traffic to their stores, and thus has a higher ROI. If you do not go for local SEO and wish to dominate the rankings in the US or in the world, you will have to invest a lot more than you can afford, and the traffic you gain may not be the traffic you are targeting.

4. Enhanced Features
Google and other search engines are offering enhanced features for local SEO, such as your location displayed on a map, user testimonials and reviews about your business, and pictures of your outlet. These features make it easier for your clients to find you and form a positive impression of you before they set foot in your shop.
Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about local SEO in the comments section. Contact us if you need more information.

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