Geospatial Social Media Marketing

Geospatial Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard this word many times and thought it meant something about location. It actually does; geospatial analysis is analyzing data that is associated to a specific location. Many businesses that have social media profiles or blogs now target their audience based on their geospatial location. Today we will cover what geospatial social media marketing means and its importance in helping your SME grow.

Geospatial Marketing

Let us start by giving you an example of a business that offers custom print t-shirts online in Lexington, Kentucky. Let’s call the business PrinTees and consider they have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now there are basically two major aspects in social media marketing; profile marketing and PPC. Profile marketing is fairly simple to understand because you’ll be promoting your brand and products through your profile. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are quite straightforward as well; you pay, you get your ad placed, simple as that.

Profile Marketing

Now for PrinTees to increase its followers and potential market, it has to optimize the content on its profile for SEO purposes. But to boost conversions, PrinTees will have to optimize its content for search engine results from Lexington, KY. That way, PrinTees will rank higher in local search engines and listings when people search for ‘custom print t-shirts Lexington’. This, in essence, is known as geospatial marketing, because you are optimizing your profile for a specific location. That way, PrinTees may not get as many likes or followers or visits, but their conversion rate will definitely increase.


PPC, on the other hand, involves paying an amount for an ad that can be placed based on what specifics you provide. For example, if PrinTees does PPC marketing for Lexington, KY, then their ads will be visible to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users that are in Lexington. This increases brand visibility because every other person on social media in Lexington will at least know about PrinTees and their offerings. This exposure can go a long way in growing a potential market base that is easy to convert into leads.


If PrinTees were to spend aimlessly on social media marketing, they would, have thousands of followers and subscribers across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Their website traffic will increase, but when the traffic realizes that they only offer printed t-shirts in Lexington, it will just steer away. What does that mean for PrinTees? It means that their bounce rate is high.

Usually when the bounce rate is high, marketers tend to optimize their website or content even more. But in the case of PrinTees, it’s not like that. Had PrinTees invested in geospatial social media marketing, then the results would’ve been different.

While they wouldn’t have the same number of followers of subscribers, but the people that did covert into potential market would easily be converted into sales. This way, PrinTees may not be getting unprecedented exposure, but they are growing in sales. That’s what matters at the end of the day and that’s what geospatial marketing delivers.

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