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Is There a Future for Email Marketing?

Given that engagement stats regarding emails are very low, and an average user only opens 20% of the emails sent to them for marketing different products, things do not look good for email marketing in this regard. In a world where social media, local SEO, video marketing, and a variety of other tactics are booming, email marketing seems to be on the decline. However, a large number of marketing specialists seem to be hopeful about the future of email marketing, and discuss the new trends in this sub sector with great enthusiasm. In this bog post, we will discuss the things that are going against and in favor of email marketing.

Factors Against Email Marketing

  1. You only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention through the subject line or you end up being deleted without being read.
  2. Most automated emails do not make it past the filters and end up in the trash can automatically.
  3. People have grown tired of email marketing and only open 20% of the emails sent to them as stated earlier.
  4. People are more careful about giving out their email addresses on random websites and do not subscribe to mailing lists that easily.
  5. Emails talk ‘to’ potential and existing customers and not ‘with’ them. When it comes to email marketing, there is no such thing as a two way communication. Most emails mention contact details and tell the users not to reply to the email as it was auto-generated. In a world where customer engagement is key, this one way communication is hurting email marketing’s cause.

Factors in Favor of Email Marketing

  1. The costs are very low for email marketing and therefore the ROI is high.
  2. The number of people that unsubscribe from mailing lists is very low. This means that once you have a subscription, you can send them daily or weekly emails without the fear of them unsubscribing from your mailing list. The user may not read all your emails, but at least some will catch their attention.
  3. New innovations in email marketing tools are consistently being introduced in the market. This shows that business owners and marketers still believe email marketing to be an effective medium and are still investing in it.
  4. Email marketing has evolved over the years into a medium that can pin point and target highly qualified prospects. In most cases, the emails are sent to subscribers that already purchased the company’s products and/or services, so you know they belong to your target market.

The Future for Email Marketing

On one hand, email marketing is not bringing in a significant amount of business for companies, but on the other hand, the investment required for an email marketing campaign is so low that the ROI is always good. If we consider this factor alone, an email marketing campaign specially for a small business sounds like a great idea. Given that new and improved tools related to email marketing are being introduced, and more and more people consider it a safe investment, it can be concluded that email marketing is not going anywhere for the time being.

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