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Use Your Website as the Anchor of Your Marketing Strategy and Improve Your Conversion Rate

There are only two things that can compel a user to stay on your website for more than a few seconds; your web design and your web content. Together, these two elements can make or break your website. We realize this and therefore offer first rate web design services unparalleled in the market.

Our web designing services can be customized to cater to the needs of your business. We create static and dynamic designs that are user friendly, easy to navigate, and in-line with modern trends. The designs are mobile friendly, and encourage smartphone and tablet users to stay on your website. Most of our clientele consists of business owners that offer their products and services online in Lexington, KY, and therefore we specialize in ecommerce web designs.

What Can You Expect From Our Web Design Service?

You can expect:

  • -Premium quality
  • -Mobile friendly web designs
  • -Easy navigation and optimum performance from your website
  • -A lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate

Your website is your online equivalent of your place of business. The only difference is that your website is accessible to local customers as well as everyone else around the world with access to internet. The design of your website controls both its form and function, and is the key to your online success.

If your website is too heavy, full of bugs, takes a long time to load, does not work well with smartphones and tablet, or has a design that does not highlight the best features of your products/services, you will lose visitors within the first few seconds, and your inbound traffic rate would decrease.

We design websites that reinforce your brand image, and function efficiently. The design neither hides nor overwhelms your products/services, instead it highlights them and makes them the primary attraction of your website. The navigation is easy, quality control is performed to eliminate bugs, and the site runs smoothly without any troubles.

We work with a variety of platforms including WordPress, HTML5, CSS etc. Contact us today to see how our web design service can help you attract your potential customers in Lexington, KY.

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